by Slow Action

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Slow Action is a rock band from Berdyansk, Ukraine, formed in 2011.
They've released their third ep called "Nova".
Listen and enjoy!

Anton Petrash - Vocals, Guitar
Alex Khrunov - Guitar
Konstantin Maksimenko - Bass
Andrew Maksimenko - Drums


released March 20, 2015



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Slow Action Kharkiv, Ukraine

Unique fusion of powered Blues-Rock with groovy riffs from Ukrainan band

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Track Name: Shameless Man
Smoking my last cigarette,
I have no sorrow.
Driving my cabriolet,
Spitting on your problems.
Shut up, baby, let me drive safety.
One more sound and I will drop her on the road.
It’s never too late to show who I am.
It’s never too late to put a bullet in your head.

Bottle of whiskey is under one’s feet.
Shut your mouth and take a sip.
I’ve got to lay down for a while.
I’ve committed a violent crime.
This ain’t your business, lady.
You may call me shameless.

I beg you, please, my little queen,
Let me chase you in a dream.
I’ve told you too much who I am.
I’m a shameless man.
Track Name: To The Devil
I’m gonna lay down a rule.
You’ve got to memorize,
Abandon all your lovers here and now.

Don’t write…letter…to the devil, yeah!

Any sound can only do harm.
It’s not so easy to control yourself, no no.
Don’t write a letter to the devil,
He will know the place you live.
He will steal all your children
And treat them like you never did.
Don’t lose your mind
And be ready to bite the dust.
That’s my advice.
Track Name: Know How
Say what you’re looking for
And I’ll try to give a hand.
You know I hate this world
With all the people scratching my head.
And I don’t love your smile -
That’s why they can grab it.
You’d rather stay alone, but
I won’t let you go.

Why, I mean, why does she wants to stay?
It’s a hard vibration.
Why did you treat me so?
I’m in another dimension.
I feel my heart exposed
In a room with no voices.
What do I have to show
To people on the black horses?

That’s how the quotes break the edge
At late night and inside your head.
What the hell are you so close?
And what the hell I feel you?
Track Name: Up And Down
There’s a little story.
I’ve got to tell it right.
About fears, (so don’t cry).
Baby, don’t cry.

Now I know, (now I know), now I know.
There’s nothing left to do.
(Just pray), pray to your gods.

I will run, (I will run), I will run
Through the words and through the thoughts.

I’m useless, (yes I am), I’m so tired.
How can I find my place?
A place to dwell…
Take me up and down. (x2)
Please don’t call my name, when I’m asleep.

I’ve got too many scratching people in my head.
I’ve got too many wicked people in my head.
I know what the problem is in my head.
I know too many, too many, too many, too many, too many people.
Cause you know…